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Surface Book 2 issues after running updates

This is definitely more of a note to myself, and my fellow Surface Book 2 users;

Lately mostly after installing Windows updates, the book is plagued by strange behavior.

A few things include:

  • Difficulties to start up. When the power button has been pressed, it won't quickly start up after hibernation. Most of the times you have to press a few times in a row to get the Surface to wake up. Pressing the detach button mostly is the quickest way to wake up in this situation.
  • After a sleep the NVIDIA GTX 1050/1060 isn't recognized after sleep. Detaching and then attaching may work to detect it again. A restart also works fine. So now and then a warning would pop up that there is a hardware problem with the base.
  • Bad performance for detaching. It'd be easily possible to have to wait about 20 or 30 seconds for the base to detach. If at all. A restart mostly fixed these issues.

There is an old Reddit post I stumbled upon with people experiencing the same problem, and few fixes have been shared.

Go here for the Reddit post:\_surface\_book\_2\_having\_issues\_with\_waking\_up/

The top comment seemed to fix my problems. With the most recent updates I figured out that booting in UEFI mode (by pressing the power button and the volume up button) and exiting again solved my problems.

Hey there, I hope you enjoyed this post of mine. If you did, consider sharing this with that one friend who'd also appreciate this. Comments are gone for the time being, but if you feel like discussing something more in-depth, send me a message on the Fediverse, or just email me.

- Corstian