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This page showcases the most interesting projects I have worked on to date. Within projects like these I contribute by applying my software development skills to tackle practical problems. Additionally I enjoy diving into the latest scientific research on the subject, and implement any relevant findings. This, as part of my out-of-the-box thought process is the way I add value to a project.

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About Avocado Ripening

With the goal of supply chain optimization we've looked into the way avocado ripening can be controlled. This involved:

  • Literature research about avocado ripening
  • Data analysis with the goal of finding ripening markers
  • Implementation of a model describing avocado ripening

Automatic Flight Log

Skyhop is a proof of concept to show manual flight logging is an obsolete practice. With the implementation of various technological utilities we're now able to automatically keep track of whom flies which aircraft at what time, thus allowing the automatic maintenance of ones flight log.

The implementation of this project involved overcoming loads of technical challenges such as:

  • Building a realtime flight metadata processing engine
  • Implementing spatiotemporal matching algorithms
  • Estimation of weak link flight physics

About Tomato Growth

To create awareness about the importance of air quality for (tomato) plant growth, we've analysed the impact of suboptimalconditions on the growth of tomato plants. Some aspects of this project:

  • Literature research on tomato ripening
  • Quantification of used PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) light under different circumstances
  • Identification of inhibitors under different conditions
  • Quantification of potential yield increase under optimal conditions